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Meet Wanderlust Kyla

Meet Wanderlust Kyla

Meet Kyla a flight attendant and fashionista!

We spotted Kyla’s bold style on Instagram @wanderlustkyla and fell in LOVE with it! With her punchy pops of colours and daring patterns, each of her styles are serious #outfitgoals.

We wanted to chat with Kyla and hear about what life is like as a flight attendant and of course more about her amazing style!


What made you decide to become a flight attendant?

My love for travel started at a young age so this career path seemed like a natural fit! I applied on a whim one day and 10 years later here I am! Time "flies" when you're having fun!


That’s so cool! What is the best part about the job?

Not to be Captain Obvious here (get it?) but the TRAVEL PERKS! Not many people can say that their career allows them the opportunity to do the thing they enjoy the most in life!


That is pretty awesome, what advice would you give to girls looking to pursue that career?

I would say to be persistent! Airlines get bombarded with applications every day (no wonder, it's an awesome job!) Don't give up and get discouraged if you don't make it the first time! Learn a second language in the meantime or three or four! Airlines love multilinguals!


That’s great! What is one must have clothing piece you always pack when you travel?

A cardigan or blazer! Airports and airplanes vary from a burning inferno, to the inside of an igloo, there is no in between. Layering will be your best friend!


We love how bold your style is, what’s one fashion rule you always break?

Awww thanks! I would say don't be afraid of color! I say the brighter the better! Neon yellow, hot pink, wear what you want! Be glittery, dress up, have fun! I rocked a tutu recently and it was the most fun photoshoot I've ever had!


Since fall is here and we all know fall fashion is the best! What is a piece you are most coveting for this season?

I have been seeing velvet EVERYWHERE lately! It's one of those classic luxurious fabrics that really never goes out of style and I'm so glad to see it back in rotation!

Thanks so much to Kyla for taking the time to answer our questions! Make sure to follow her to see more amazing #suzystyles



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