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Meet Vegan Food Guru: Chef Veganessa

Meet Vegan Food Guru: Chef Veganessa

Meet Vanessa Percher (@chefveganessa) also known as Chef Veganesssa! Based in Montreal, Qc, Vanessa is a vegan food guru and chef!  She offers private cooking classes, meal delivery services and also owns her own shop selling all of her yummy creations. SUZY caught up with Vanessa to talk about food and entertaining!

In your opinion, what’s the biggest misconception about Vegan recipes or being vegan?

Although being vegan is pretty mainstream these days, there is still a lot of misconception around the word vegan. Questions I often hear “Are we only going to eat salad?” “I won’t get full?” “Vegans eat fish, right?”  “You must be lacking vitamins” “This can’t be healthy long term” and so on. But the biggest misconception is “Where is the protein!?”.  Somehow people think that plant protein doesn’t fill you up in the same way as meat and fish (this is totally false by the way).

What motivated you to start sharing your recipes?

I love sharing my recipes because when people eat my food I love seeing the look on their face, especially when they are skeptical about trying it. I also love the fact that I can show people that delicious food can be highly nutritious and health promoting.

What is one ingredient you can’t live without?

Umebashi vinegar! Umebashi paste consists of salted and pickled Japanese plums. Umebashi vinegar adds a nice tang and saltiness to salad dressing and a variety of dishes.

What is your favourite vegan meal? Can you even decide?

That’s a really hard question! Although I love Mediterranean food, if I would have to choose I would have to say my favourite type of food is Indian, I cannot live without all the endless types of curries and dosas.

When did your love of cooking start?

I think I was born with a love for cooking! Growing up watching my mother cook and entertain always fascinated me and I loved helping out in any way I could. I’ve also always had a palate for gourmet food and strong flavours. Being from Italian decent, I grew up in a kitchen where my grandmother taught me how to make fresh pasta by hand and to always use the freshest ingredients when making a dish. As a young adult, I was the one amongst my friends who cooked the most and the party was often held around my table. My husband (boyfriend at the time) really persuaded me to attend culinary school and I am thankful for his encouragement. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for him. From then on the rest is history!

What do you love wearing to entertain?

When I entertain I love wearing comfortable but cute clothing. Flowy dresses or blouses with tight jeans.

Make sure to check Vanessa at www.veganesssa.ca to see her yummy recipes and services!

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