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SUZY's Day Out: Top 5 Things To Do In Steveston BC

SUZY's Day Out: Top 5 Things To Do In Steveston BC

Hello! My name is Michelle, and I was born and raised in the beautiful province of British Columbia in the city Richmond, Vancouver. One of my favourite places to go and visit, since I was a child, was Steveston which is a little village tucked into the west side of Richmond. It is a vibrant and stunning village full of local family businesses including restaurants, cafes, bakeries - you name it! It is a close-knit community where everyone you meet welcomes you with warm smile. Often you will find this village full of families taking a stroll - the old and the young; it is a favourite to all as it exerts such a welcoming, laid back energy. Come with me as I take you through my top 5 places to see in Steveston!

Alrighty! As with all the days, the day cannot commence without some coffee first. Agreed? First stop is Rocanini Coffee Roasters. It is right on the corner of the village and is a must-see if you love lusting over natural light and interior design - and of course coffee!

1.    Rocanini Coffee Roasters


It was quite chilly today so I decided to go for their Dark Belgian Hot Chocolate. It is delicious! Anything that has Belgian chocolate in its title, is an automatic selection for me. Anyone else? Take a look at that latte art!

Now that we have a warm beverage for today’s adventure, let’s head on over to the next location.

2. Prickly Pear Garden Centre

If you have a love for flowers and plants (like I do), this is your one stop shop! The entire exterior of the shop is beautifully adorned with plants. In the spring/summer the vines growing on the shop becomes a blanket of green leaves.

To the right-hand side of the picture (which cannot be seen very well), there is a little nook that is lush in greenery. There is even a banana tree! You wouldn’t believe it, especially in this pacific north-west weather, but let’s just call it a Steveston miracle. This shop has a bunch of little trinkets you can buy for home decor in addition to all their lovely plants.

Next on the list is what Steveston is most famous for,

3. The Boardwalk

Here, people can come to take a nice scenic walk at Steveston’s waterfront. During the summer down by the docks, local fishermen sell their freshly caught seafood, making the boardwalk lively!

Right on the boardwalk is another crowd favourite. Timothy’s, which is a local ice cream parlour. They have a wide range of ice creams and gelato and sorbet.

4. Timothy’s

Can you guess which flavour I went for?

Pistachio! They have the BEST pistachio ice cream ever, and that is quite a statement coming from me since pistachio is my all-time favourite ice cream flavour.

For the last and final location I would like to take you to is to see some of Steveston’s history.

5. Britannia Shipyards

Here, you get to see the roots of Steveston. Back in the day Steveston was a fishermen’s village. Fishermen and their families lived there as it was convenient for them to get to work. Britannia is beautifully refurbished and set up so that you are able to imagine the community that it once was. It is truly an amazing experience, to get a sense of their lifestyle and the way of life in those times. 

The famous shipyard is nearby and, worth checking out as well!

And so concludes my Top 5 Things to do in Steveston! I want to thank you all so much for joining me on this expedition, and I hope that when you are given the chance, you are able to check out my beautiful home. I had a great time taking you all through this blog post, and I wholeheartedly wish you feel the same. I hope I am able to meet with you all again!

Love always,

Michelle (@lifesheloves_

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