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Rework Your Style

Rework Your Style

How to Take your Work-Wardrobe from 0 to 100.

Sometimes when your workplace has a strict dress code it can feel difficult to express your style and play by the rules at the same time. No one wants to have to lose their sense of style five days a week and luckily, that doesn't have to be the case. With a little creativity, a pop of colour and a blazer or two you can rework your 9-5 style in no time.

A Bold Blazer

The first thing on your list if you want to kick your work wardrobe up a notch, should definitely be a bold blazer. Leave the days of the black suit jacket behind for a new piece of eye-catching layering. Bold blazers are great because you can pair them with the most simple items and look like a style-queen instantly. We love these floral and striped numbers.


Shop the Floral Blazer
Shop the Striped Blazer

Pant Details

Investing in a great pair of work pants is a total must if you want to look office-chic at all times. A 'work-pant' doesn't have to be boring and unflattering, in fact, it should be the opposite. A flattering silhouette with a little extra detail will have you looking and feeling great from Monday to Friday. We think these work pants with a little extra detail are total must-haves.


Shop the Navy Flared Pants with Buttons
Shop the Bootcut Pants with Buttons at Hem
Shop the Sashed Ankle Pants with Pleated Front

A Pop of Colour

When it comes to your work wardrobe there are some things that you can't play around with but, colour is not one of them. If you're someone who likes to hit snooze a few too many times in the morning, injecting some colour into your wardrobe is an easy hack that will have you looking office-ready in seconds.  Here are a few of our favourite vibrant pieces to help you beat those Monday blues.


Shop the Red Button Front Blouse with Side Slits
Shop the Pink Lined Blazer with Button Closure
Shop the Teal Dobby Blouse with Sleeve Ties

A Statement Blouse

The words Stylish and Smart are not mutually exclusive especially when it comes to tops. Building a good collection of statement blouses will mean that you're never left without something stylish to wear to work. Whether it's statement sleeves, a bold print or an interesting silhouette a great statement blouse will leave everyone in the office envying your style. These are the statement blouses we think you need to add to your cart.


Shop Striped Tee with Pleated Elbow Sleeves
Shop Gingham Wrap Blouse with Front Tie
Shop Printed Chiffon Blouse with Ruched Sleeves

Something Extra

When all else fails, a quick and easy fix for a drab work outfit is an accessory or two. Pairing a plain black dress with a killer statement necklace takes your outfit from boring to brilliant. A stack of bangles, a patterned scarf and some statement earrings are all welcome additions to your work wardrobe. Plus, if you ever have to do the dash from desk to dinner swapping your blazer for a bold accessory will transition your outfit from day to night perfectly.


Shop Faux Gem and Tassel Earrings
Shop 4-Layer Tassel Medallion Necklace
Shop Pearl Choker

See, you don't have to lose your sense of style at the office. Now you know exactly what you need to take your work wardrobe up a notch, all that's left is to do is to 'add to cart'! 

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