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Meet Makeup Maven Tracy Peart

Meet Makeup Maven Tracy Peart

Meet Tracy Peart our September SUZY girl! Tracy is a makeup artist working on both Breakfast Television Toronto as well as Cityline as their beauty expert on air. Tracy also has an IPhone app, Makeup iQ, that tests your makeup knowledge and teaches you makeup tips along the way as well. Beyond this Tracy runs Pretty Professionals which offers makeup seminars to teach women about how to get the perfect workplace makeup. She is a busy lady with so much beauty knowledge that we just had to sit down and hear more!


We started off with the good stuff! We asked Tracy what her #1 beauty tip is she wanted to share with us was and she said: Stippling!

If you’re not familiar with stippling (like me) it the practice of dabbing on your products not sweeping them on, which Tracy states doesn’t do much more than wipe off and waste product when you apply it that way.

By doing this while applying your foundation or eyeshadow, you are getting the maximum pigment you can from your product. A lot of the time you can trouble shoot makeup issues by just applying this technique, eyeshadow doesn’t look how it does in the package? Stippling technique it up! And you will most probably have all your problems solved.

Next we asked Tracy what was the one product she could never leave the house without and that was: Lipstick, stating that lipstick is the quickest way to jazz up your face in under 30 seconds.

See someone you want to look good for and only have 30 seconds to look good? Lipstick.

Forgot to put on makeup this morning? Lipstick.

It truly solves everything.


Next we asked Tracy the big Q, that I had been waiting all week to ask her, what is her Holy grail product?

And Tracy truly didn’t disappoint! Stating her Holy Grail product is in fact a drug store product.

Drum roll….

Its Vasanti Cosmetics highlighter in golden child

She says that this powder highlighter gives the absolute perfect glow on any skin tone, and if you place it on your cheekbones and bridge of your nose you will get that flawless JLo glow!

Also fun fact about Tracy: She started a makeup app called Makeup IQ!

Makeup IQ was inspired when Tracy worked doing makeup at a tech company and everyone was always talking about apps.

She is a strong believer in the fact that we should always be learning no matter what so by combining those two thingstogether Makeup IQ evolved.

Makeup IQ is an app that quizzes you on your makeup knowledge whilst also teaching you along the way things about makeup you might not have otherwise learned.


Besides this Tracy works on so many cool projects she even runs seminars for working women to give them tips and tricks on how to get there work look down!

And her #1 tip for the working woman: Just put something on

Saying that having something on your face makes you looked polished and put together, enhancing and pulling together your look, so her 3 go to’s for work makeup:

1. Make sure your canvas AKA your skin is evened out

2. Put on mascara

3. Swipe some gloss on

Make sure to catch Tracy Peart September 28th when she takes over our Snapchat: suzyshiersnap and Twitter @SuzyShier to see what a day in the life of Tracy Peart is like! You can also download her makeup app in the apple apps store: Makeup IQ.




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