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Meet Body Positive Advocate: Brittany Pysar

Meet Body Positive Advocate: Brittany Pysar

Meet Brittany (@brittpysar) an Instagrammer, YouTuber and self-love advocate. We saw Brittany’s Instagram and her messages about body positivity really spoke to us.  We also love her edgy but feminine overall girl boss style! So we wanted to hear a little bit more about this fashionistas style and what living a life in social media is like.

Quick! Describe your style in 3 words

Feminine, dark & edgy.

What do you love most about sharing your style with people?

The thing I love most about sharing my style with people is the inspiration I get in return. I pretty much post my whole life on Instagram and try to be as authentic as possible and in return my followers and the people I follow constantly show me their outfits and body positive posts and constantly inspire me. I love engaging with people and talking about upcoming trends. Being on the internet with a willing audience that wants to participate in these conversations is absolutely amazing!


We love what you stand for and the messages about body positivity you post, what is some advice you would give to girls who are struggling with body positivity?

At some point we all struggle with accepting ourselves and our bodies for what they are. We all have good days and bad days. Advertising is something that we are surrounded by constantly and it has a larger affect on us than most of us realize. WE are not the problem. Women and men are born unique and the narrow scope of the media doesn't portray more than a small percentage of vast variety of human characteristics. So we need to seek out our own role models. Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr are amazing tools for those who might be struggling with body positivity. Surrounding yourself with people who preach positivity - not just in regards to our bodies, but in every aspect of life - is so important. Starting the conversation with other women and girls that you know, talking about the importance of self love will help you practice it more in your every day life. The more beauty you are able to see and appreciate in others and in the world, the more beauty you will be able to recognize in yourself. Most journeys are hard if you go it alone, so find a community online or in real life (even just a group of your gal pals) and really commit to going out of your way to make them feel good about themselves, not just physically but mentally. Any positivity you put out into the universe comes back to you a thousand fold!


What made you decide to start Instagramming and making Youtube videos?

I recently met an amazing group of women in my *new* home town of Hamilton, ON. They have inspired me to really embrace who I am and to be fearless. They are all so ambitious and determined and, to be honest, are just a group of awesome lady bosses. I have always been introverted and very critical of myself. I spent years watching YouTube videos and following hundreds of random accounts on Instagram, wishing I had the courage to put myself out there and engage with people. It wasn't until I met this group of women that I really thought to myself, "I have something important to say, and I should be saying it". None of them ever talked to me about how I should be on YouTube or Instagram, I just knew I felt so passionate about body positivity and fashion. Those feelings coupled with the inspiration I received from these bad ass ladies is what got me to start posting my message on the internet! I struggled with dieting and working out (to a dangerous extent) for so many years, body positivity and radical self really changed my life. I hope that someone can see that in me and it can change their life too.


If you could change anything about retail what would it be? 

SIZING for sure, without a doubt. And the cost. I love stores like Old Navy because they carry from XXS up to XXL and there is no price difference in these sizes (By the way at SUZY we’re working on it!). It is so frustrating to go into a store like Torrid (which I do love) and have to pay $100 for a pair of jeggings and $80 for a blouse. There just aren't as many options as there should be for plus size women (especially in Canada). I work in retail, and I see the defeated looks on women's faces with they see my store only goes up to a 24 - and we usually only get ONE size 24 in each article, which just isn't enough. Of course there are always more retailers popping up, and things are only going to get better from here, so I am hopeful! (Positive vibes!)


And lastly, what is something you can’t leave the house without?

About 6 pairs of sunglasses. I wish I was joking, but I currently have 6 pairs of sunnies in my purse. I love sunglasses, they are the perfect accessory.


Thanks so much to Brittany for taking the time to answer our questions besides Instagram you can also find Brittany’s Youtube at: http://ow.ly/2Txn304axD7

Find out what Brittany is wearing here!: http://ow.ly/9Inx304axON


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