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Dream Decor: Can't Get Enough Of Folk

Dream Decor: Can't Get Enough Of Folk

We are all about those folk vibes, we can’t say no to a dreamy floral top or the perfect lace details. With our new Folklore collection we got inspired to add a little more folk into our lives starting with our homes. So here it is your 3 step guide to having the perfect folk home:


You know those dreamy insta perfect pictures that you always double tap? Best way to get them: natural lighting. If you are moving  look for places with big windows that let the sun’s rays in. Or ditch your black out curtains and opt for sheer ones to get way more sunlight! Living in a lightless apartment? We have still got you! Vintage lighting is what it is all about. Check out your local vintage or thrift shops to find cute lanterns or vintage lamps to get the perfect folk mood lighting.


Wood accents are key for folk décor whether it be using strung up branches as jewelry holders or putting bunches of them in cute vases there are so many great DIY choices. One of our faves is making your own vintage looking wood. To do this check out flea markets for the perfect wood piece then paint with a cute colour and after it is dry sand off the paint accordingly to make it unique and faux-old.


Folk is all about connecting with nature, so let the plants reign! The more the merrier so stock up on easy care window cacti, cute succulents and leafy floor plants to get more of the outdoors indoors! It’s also a bonus for the winter months when you can get a little bit of the outside in, without having to fend off the cold.

What are your favourite folk décor tips? Share yours by commenting below!


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