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Meet News Reporter: Alex Brown

Meet News Reporter: Alex Brown

Meet Alex Brown, Alex is a SUZY lover from Regina, who always shares her amazing #suzystyle on her Instagram. (So be sure to follow her at @alexbrownctv)

Beyond this Alex has a pretty sweet day job as a TV reporter. We wanted to introduce you to Alex and hear about what it is like to be a reporter and all of the fun, crazy moments that come with the job!


You have a pretty awesome job! What made you decide to become a reporter?

Well, I actually think it was decided for me! Both of my parents work in news, so I have spent most of my life in television and radio stations, even taking some of my first steps in a newsroom! When it came time to decide which path to take, and pick a University program, broadcasting seems the natural choice! I love to tell stories that our viewers wouldn’t normally get a chance to hear, and I truly enjoy spending time talking to interesting people from various walks of life. I am a natural performer, so spending each morning on live television trying out different adventures is a lot of fun for me!


Cool! What was one of your most memorable on air moments?

Oh my goodness, just one?! Working on a morning show, you get to try a lot of different experiences for the first time on live television -- whether it’s flying in a small plane above the province, holding a 4 foot long snake, trying out different jobs, like a hockey goalie, and having hilarious results, or even just laughing so hard you cry with your co-hosts, my job has a lot of memorable moments.

One that stands out to me getting the chance to rappel down a 260ft tall building in downtown Regina. It was terrifying, but luckily I’m not afraid of heights! It was honestly one of the most physically exhausting things I have ever done, but every time I walk past that building, I look up and think “hey, I’ve scaled the side of you in rainy, windy weather: I can do anything!”


You look so natural on air, what advice you would give to someone looking to go into your field?

Be yourself! Having confidence on air is something that is tough to find within yourself, but as the old saying goes, “fake it ‘til you make it”! Sometimes, acting confident in something you feel nervous about results in true confidence! Trying to embody other television personalities or reporters will not result in a genuine performance, just try being you! That’s what viewers (and potential employers) want to see most! Have fun with your segments, don’t take the stress of breaking news to heart, and all the while keep that unique “X” factor that makes you YOU at the forefront of your performance.

As for advice for someone looking to get into this crazy field, the confidence to send a cold email, or make a cold call, to a producer or news director goes a long way! Show them why you’d make a perfect addition to their team.


We also noticed your #suzystyle on Instagram; can you tell us your favourite SUZY piece you own?

That’s a very tough decision, as my Suzy dresses are a few of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe! I recently wore the red asymmetrical dress to a wedding here in the city and had so much fun with it. The silhouette was very flattering, the fit was comfy for spending a night on my feet, and I had a lot of fun with the asymmetrical cut while dancing the night away! Made me feel like I needed a real ballroom dance routine, because all I wanted to do was spin!


That is a great piece! What do you love most about wearing SUZY?

I think what I love most is that the Curvy Collection celebrates us plus size ladies! It breaks my heart when I see fellow curvy ladies hiding their beauty in oversized clothing, when you could be rocking a gorgeous, colorful dress and showing off who you are! I think that “fake it ‘til you make it” saying applies here as well. It can be tough to embrace and love who you are in a world where it’s only slowly becoming more acceptable to not be “runway sized”, but confidence is always key. And what I love best about my Suzy dresses is that they help make me feel my confident self.


Thanks so much to Alex for taking the time to answer our interview questions, follow her at @alexbrownctv to see her on-air adventures!

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