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Station 16: Montreal's Street Art Gallery

Station 16: Montreal's Street Art Gallery

For our latest campaign The Minimalist we decided to go local and head to Montreal’s Station 16 Gallery! Station 16 is a contemporary gallery that showcases street art and graffiti from around the world. Located right in the hub of downtown MTL, Station 16 is always looking for ways to inspire and challenge the art world. It is even the official art gallery of Montreal’s famous MURAL festival, the largest festival of its kind in North America, where artists from around the world come to create massive street art murals in and around Saint Laurent Street. The gallery provided the perfect backdrop to our Minimalist Collection; the juxtaposition of vibrant art beautifully complimented  our tailored and military inspired collection .

Laurence Vallières

At our SUZY shoot we instantly fell in love with Laurence’s panda head sculpture!  Laurence studied art all over the world till she finally ended up in Russia, where she discovered her love of street art. Laurence found inspiration in street art to create all her sculptures with cardboard. Using this versatile medium enables her to sculpt all over the world whenever she wants at any scale! See more of Laurences work by following her on Instagram @laurenceval

WIA AKA 'Whatisadam'

Montreal native ‘Whatisadam’ is an urban artist inspired by Canadian culture and iconography. His works takes a playful spin on quintessential Canadian symbols, like his Maple ‘Sizzurp’ which was featured in our shot above. What is Adam boasts a large portfolio and has been featured in art galleries from Mexico to New York working on everything from wall murals in building to large pop up art pieces. He also works with Montreal festivals like our outdoor music festival Osheaga! You can check out 'Whatisadam' on Instagram to keep up with all his latest works @whatisadam


Alex Scaner

Inspired by the classic graffiti 'tag’ Alex has worked immensely to perfect his craft. He is a master at integrating urban design with art. From hotels to restaurants to brick walls Alex’s work transfers seamlessly from one canvas to another. You can see some of his “ calli-graffiti “work featured below. To see more of his designs follow him at @mrcan_do

Electrical Engineer Barbie

Originally a fashion designer Electrical Engineer Barbie AKA Sydney Krause now resides in Montreal. The eye catching piece featured in the shot above is called Apollo’s Tears. Beyond this piece Sydney also makes other super cool neon signs and one of our favourites, her cloud lamps! Her work is inspired by light-heartedness which you can also see with the pieces she created for her business Rainbow Dream Cloud! You can also check out her work in our store windows! We commissioned her to create ourcustom“Retail Therapy” neon signs! Check out her other work by following her on Instagram here: @rainbowdreamcloud


Originally hailing from Florida XRAY moved all over America as a kid, living in an army family, before settling in Montreal. His inspiration from the military can be clearly seen in his work as well as his roots from being a street artist in the early 90s. XRAY worked for commercial brands such as Disney and Universal studios before he decided to take his own artistic journey and developed his current body of work. With punchy colours, clean lines XRAY’s art can’t be missed as seen in our shot above! Follow him @misterxray on Instagram.


Station 16 was a seriously cool place to shoot at, where the staff there isas interesting as the Art itself. It was a privilege to hear them tell about their passion for art and their gallery. Get to know Station 16’s Curator and Manager here:





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