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MOD Trend: A Look Back At 60's Girl Bosses

MOD Trend: A Look Back At 60's Girl Bosses

Inspired by our new collection Mod For You we wanted to take a peek back to the women of the 60s who not only kicked butt #likeaboss but carved the path for us today.


Edie Sedgwick

This socialite gone rebel was actually Andy Warhol`s muse, starring in many of his movies. Sedgwick was captivating with her big eyes and impeccable 60s mod style. Not conforming to the life that she was brought up in she is the perfect example of beating to your own drum famously saying “It’s not that I’m rebelling. It’s that I’m just trying to find another way.”

Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin  aka. The Queen of Soul was not only a queen but a serious girl boss. With her incredible voice she captivated audiences all across the globe. Having 112 charted singles she was also the first women inducted to the Rock ‘N Roll hall of fame! Today Aretha continues to inspire musicians and is always there to remind us to give ourselves a little respect.


Twiggy defined what it meant to be a super model, the first of her kind this long lashed beauty carved the path for those who followed her. She had quite the diverse career working with many top designers, magazines and even dabbled in film. Her shift dresses and disco ball earrings are forever classics in our books.

Nina Simone

A musical genius Simone actually had a pretty rough start, being denied to music school to play piano. Not letting this stop her, this power house went forward and built herself into an self-made icon, becoming the legend she is today all the while having an incredibly unique fashion sense. Her accessorizing was seriously on point.

Jackie Onassis

Married to John F. Kennedy, Onassis is one of the more remembered faces of the 60s. This is due to her being John F Kennedy’s wife and also to her impeccable style. From her iconic Chanel suits to dark shades she took the 60s on a more classic turn and is still looked to for style inspiration today!

Mary Quant

Mary Quant not only was a fashion icon of the 60s but she is also responsible for creating many of the iconic styles such as miniskirts and hot pants. These even today are fashion staples! She was also all for women’s rights believing in dressing to make yourself happy and not for anyone else. Which is something we couldn’t agree with more!

Suzy Staffer Story: Melissa Norman

Suzy Staffer Story: Melissa Norman

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Suzy Staffer Story: Georginne