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Suzy Staffer Story: Melissa Norman

Suzy Staffer Story: Melissa Norman

Meet SUZY Staff- Melissa Norman, Melissa works at the Suzy store in Cottonwood mall in Chilliwak BC. And we seriously love her Instagram account (Check it out at @squishycakebuns). We wanted to talk with Melissa and get insight into the Suzy girl life!

Quick! Describe your style in 3 words!:

My style in 3 words would probably be easy, laid-back and effortless. I don’t like being uncomfortable in my clothing, so if it’s too much effort it’s not worth it for me.

We love your Instagram feed! Why did you decide to share your SUZY outfits?:

I started to share my Suzy Style on Instagram because I loved how I felt in them. I always feel confident and comfortable in Suzy clothes, which is something I’ve never really had before. As a curvy girl I hated shopping at the mall, it always felt like the clothes were never made for me and with Suzy I find so many great pieces and I always leave the fitting room happier then when I went in.

How long have you worked for Suzy?:

I’ve been on the team for just over 3 months now. And loving it!


What do you love about being a Suzy girl?:

I love that I have the opportunity to try to make every woman that comes in our store to feel welcome and comfortable and not feel as though they don’t belong there. I’ve had so many bad experiences going into stores and feeling scrutinized the minute I walk in. I love that I know that at least when they come in our store they’ll feel welcome.

What’s in your purse right now?:

Contents in my purse… Oh goodness

About 5 tubes of lipstick

My keys

Bus schedule


Pocket mirror

What is your favourite Suzy item you have bought?:

My favorite Suzy item that I’ve ever bought would have to be the Navy paisley wrap dress.

What is your favourite fashion rule to break?:

I don’t think this is a rule but I love wearing things people say I shouldn’t wear on my body type. There is just something satisfying about it, especially when it turns out to look really good.

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