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Meet Alyssa Bertram Owner of easy.

Meet Alyssa Bertram Owner of easy.

Meet Alyssa Bertram owner of Canadian based subscription delivery service for 100% organic cotton menstrual hygiene products: easy. Alyssa had always liked the idea of helping people and combined with her constant complaint that tampons should just be delivered to your door: easy. was born.

easy. takes the headache out of that time of the month by having tampons delivered to you. And bonus, each package comes with a bar of fair trade chocolate! We loved this idea and being able to share the story of a women entrepreneur, so we had to catch up with Alyssa to hear what it’s been like to run her own business and more about making periods easy.

You had the idea of easy. from pretty early on, what stopped you from pursuing it at first?

At first I think fear stopped me. I had this idea but I was in a comfortable, well-paying job and the menstrual hygiene industry was something completely unfamiliar to me. It took a health scare with my mom and a deep dive into the literature about tampons to give me the push to really start taking action into my idea.

All of a sudden I became really aware that life is fleeting and that if you’re passionate about something you should act on it. I had a strong desire to create something for myself that I felt added value for other women. With my background in healthcare research I became really invested in reading up on the state of the market at the time. This created a fuel for me, I knew that women needed to know the information that I was finding. It became my mission to inform women about the products they were using so intimately.

Obviously running your own business is no easy feat, what is something you do when it gets tough?

When it gets tough I have to find a way to reconnect to why I started. This usually means getting quiet, at a yoga class, writing, just giving myself some time to reflect. When I can reconnect to my mission of empowering women locally and abroad the challenges seem less daunting. I have faith in that mission and that things will align in a way that will allow me to carry it out.

We loved seeing that a portion of each subscription goes to Zana Africa Foundation, why did you choose this foundation?

I chose Zana Africa Foundation to partner with because through the research I was doing I learned that 80% of girls in women in East Africa lack access to menstrual hygiene supplies. Zana Africa Foundation works with community agencies within Kenya not only to deliver pads but also workshops on health education. The work they are doing really resonated with me and I felt that it was a great fit.

What has been the best part about starting easy.?

By far the best part about this experience has been connecting with so many incredible people. Along this journey I’ve had the privilege of meeting such a diverse group of people doing amazingly interesting things. I feel so blessed to have this reason to connect with people, bounce ideas off of them. I feel constantly inspired because there are so many people around me doing things that inspire me, it’s amazing.

And lastly, what is the best piece of advice you received while starting your own business?

The best piece of advice I received was actually not to put too much weight into other people's advice. I take advice and draw on other people's experiences all the time but at the end of the day the choices I make and my actions have to be right with me. I try to trust my internal guidance and act from that place.

Thanks so much to Alyssa for taking the time to share her story with us, check out easy. online here. Alyssa also gave us a 20% off code for your first purchase with easy. valid until February 14th: suzyshierxeasy




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