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Suzy Staffer Story: Melanie

Suzy Staffer Story: Melanie

Meet #suzystaffer Melanie!

Melanie is the manager for the SUZY at Devonshire mall and has worked at SUZY for 4 years.

We always hear amazing things about Melanie, from staff and customers, so we wanted to catch up with her to hear more about her SUZY story and hear what it takes to make a great manager!

So to start off, we want to know how you would describe your #suzystyle in 3 words?

Fun fabulous and flirty

Awesome! Beyond your #suzystyle, what’s your SUZY story, when did you become a manager?

I became a manager of Devonshire Mall 4 years ago and I fell in love. Everything about Suzy Shier, the product, the company and how supported I feel as a manager, and my favourite of course the customer service. Having the opportunity day in and day out to interact with such wonderful woman is truly my passion.

What is a tip you would give to someone who wants to become a store manager?

Always strive to do your very best and every aspect of your job. Put your heart into your work and truly love what you do. Being a happy individual and bringing positive energy to your work and team is key.  Never putting yourself above another, always work together and be open to learning off one another.  Ability to adapt to change and constantly developing ourselves personally. 

That is very important, your team must also play a big role in your work, what do you think is the most important trait for a member of your team to have?

A great personality is so important in our line of work. Customers want to experience someone knowledgeable and passionate about what they do.  Full of smiles and genuine happiness, being outgoing and consistently driven to succeed.

Final question! What is your favourite SUZY item you have ever bought?

I am a dress girl through and through.  The Pinafore Dress is my absolute favourite I love changing and layering what I'm in the mood for that day.

Thanks so much to Melanie for sharing her SUZY story, make sure to pop in and say hi to her if you are ever near Devonshire mall!

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