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Meet Our Summer Intern, Nathalia!

Meet Our Summer Intern, Nathalia!

Every Summer, Suzy welcomes Summer interns into our head office, to allow students to gain valuable insight into the inner workings of the Fashion industry. This year, our Summer intern, Nathalia joined us at our Montreal Head Office for 3 weeks, where she gained hands-on experience working as part of our marketing, planning and buying teams. Here’s an opportunity for you to learn little more about Natalia, her love of fashion and what she learned during her time at Suzy…


Hi, Nathalia! So, what are you studying at school and where?

I just graduated from CEGEP, I studied Fashion Marketing at College Lasalle.


You came from Brazil. What motivated the move to Montreal?

I’ve always wanted to live abroad, to experience different cultures and meet different people. So, after my husband (boyfriend at that time) and I got our bachelors degrees in Brazil, we started looking for places to go around the world. We chose Canada because it could offer us a better quality of life and, as we qualified as skilled workers, we would be able to apply for permanent resident visas. We then decided to come to Montreal, mostly because of its multiculturalism and the fact that life is extremely calm here. 


You studied geology in Brazil, how did you decide you wanted to take a career path turn and get into fashion?

I told myself that since I was already passing through so many changes in my life, why not make one more? I would have to go back to school anyways, in order to get a degree equivalency, so I decided to do it. Fashion has always been a passion of mine, and I am a firm believer that by doing what you love, success will follow.


What are some of your favourite places or things to do in Montreal?

I LOVE going out to eat, so my favourite places are all restaurants! I like to discover different ethnic places and try exotic food. I also love to spend the day at public markets, like Jean Talon, go rollerblading by the river and picnicking at the park.


Do you think fashion in Canada and Brazil are different? If so, how?

Yes, even though nowadays fashion is a global language, I believe that local culture still has an impact on it. Fashion is an important industry in Brazil, and local brands take a big place. The way people dress changes a lot within the country, as we have such different cultures and climates. I’m from Rio, where it’s summer all year long and people dress in a very relaxed and beachy way. I think that the difference between Rio and Montreal is that people seem less concerned about the way they look here, which I consider a positive fact. I feel that, here, people are just more spontaneous regarding the way they dress.    


What do you love about Fashion?

I love that fashion allows people to express themselves. The way, where and what a person consumes tell a lot about him or her and the culture he or she lives in. I also love fashion history and the sociological aspect of it. 


How would you describe your style?

I would describe it as basic and casual. Comfort and quality are the most important elements to me. I’m also really concerned about the way I consume and the impact it has on society, so I choose quality over quantity and I invest in timeless pieces. 


What are your favourite pieces from our latest collection?

These are my choices! Cute and comfy!



You practice yoga, why do you love it so much?

I’ve been practicing yoga for 8 years and I love it because it’s such a simple activity, all you need is a mat and the weight of your own body. It improves flexibility and strength at the same time, and the breathing techniques allow you to slow down and relax. I feel stress-free and lighter after each class, that’s why I always come back!


What did you enjoy most about your internship at Suzy?

I really enjoyed the fact that I got to experience the whole production cycle, from research and design to planning and marketing. Because of that, I could see the process as a whole and understand the roles of each department. I also loved that everybody was so welcoming, patient and willing to talk about their jobs. 


What part of the fashion industry are you most interested in?

I am most interested in buying. I’m into numbers and planning and I really enjoy the strategic side of it. 


Did you change your ideas about what you think you’d like do to with your degree in Fashion?

Not really. I’ve always been good with numbers and I’m really organized, so I’ve always tended to go into planning. The courses I took just allowed me to confirm my decision. 

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