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The Holiday Gift Guide

The Holiday Gift Guide

Ho, ho, ho! ‘Tis the season for gift giving. Even though it’s a great feeling to play Santa and treat those that you love during this special time of year, holiday gift giving can be hard, especially when you’ve been buying for the same person for years. The pressure to come up with a great gift idea is real. However, don’t worry, we’re here to lend a hand at this stressful time of year and to give you some great ideas for exactly what to buy everyone on your list - naughty or nice! Think of this as our Holiday gift to you. So, get your Santa hat on, it's time to get shopping!

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For Your Sister

Give your sis the gift of coziness this year with a comfy pair of festive pjs. Every girl needs her beauty sleep and we’d all love to look cute (and comfy) when we hit the hay. You don’t need to worry about whether she’ll like it, when it comes to pjs the answer is always ‘yes’.

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For Your Mom

Your Mom gave you the gift of life, so why not give her the gift of warmth this holiday season? A cozy sweater is the perfect holiday gift to leave under the tree for your Mama. Come on, treat your main lady to a hug that she’ll feel the warmth of all winter long, you know she deserves it.

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For Your Bestie

No one knows your bestie’s style quite like you do, so this year treat your number 1 gal to a new dress. Perfect for the festive season and many girls’ nights out to come, whatever your bestie’s style we’re sure to have something she will love. If you ask us, a sequin mini sounds like the winner. ‘Tis the season to sparkle after all.

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For Your Office Game of Secret Santa

Secret Santa is so much fun but finding a gift for someone you don’t know all that well is never an easy feat. Particularly if there’s a budget involved! Our tip for secret Santa is to opt for accessories and trinkets. They’re something that everyone will enjoy and usually they’re ‘one size fits all’ (bonus)!

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For Yourself

Sometimes we get so wrapped up (get it?) in buying for others’ that we forget to treat ourselves. You worked hard this year and you deserve a little treat, too. So, invest in your own warmth this holiday season and buy yourself a new winter coat. You’re sure to thank yourself for this one come the new year.

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With gifts like these, there's no way they won't love 'em. Now that your holiday shopping is done, it's time to put on some Christmas songs and get wrapping (the gifts)! We're sure you're on the nice list, so tell us, what's Santa bringing you this year?

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