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What to Wear to Your Office Christmas Party

What to Wear to Your Office Christmas Party

It’s December at last and December = party time! One event of the party season that a lot of us look forward to is our office Christmas party. Getting to escape from the office and let your hair down a little is never a bad thing. However, the office Christmas party is always hard to dress for. Trying to strike the perfect balance between festive and professional is much harder than you might think. However, when it comes to all things clothing we’d consider ourselves experts and the question of the Christmas party is one that we’ve faced many times before. So, in the spirit of giving we’re sharing our best office party dressing tips with you. Here’s what every girl boss needs to be wearing at her office party this year…

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One Piece Wonders

Like anything, when dressing for an office party you always need to consider your audience. Your office party outfit should be a little more reserved than what you might wear on a girls night out with friends. A dress that falls just below the knee is the perfect choice. Keep your sequined mini for New Year’s Eve and opt for something with a little more coverage. If you want to keep your legs under cover, a lace detailed jumpsuit or a festive tuxedo is the perfect way to express your merry side whilst maintaining your girl-boss image. 

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Top It Off with Sparkles

If dresses are for the weekend and your office style is more ‘top and trousers’, top off your look with some sparkles this holiday season. Finding the perfect top for an office party is simple: stick to similar silhouettes to what you would normally wearing during the 9-5, but with a little extra festive twist. Peplum with a little glitter, a cozy sweater with jewel detailing or a bold statement sleeve and a little extra sparkle. Just make sure not to forget the golden rule of holiday dressing: glitter is the new black!

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Extra Special Bottoms

Of course, a classic black trouser or a chic pencil skirt will totally fit the bill for an office Christmas party. But as it’s the holidays why not treat yourself to an extra special pair of bottoms. Your favourite pants and skirts receive a festive update for the party season with satin, velvet, sparkles and sequins. Your go-to bottoms plus a little extra sparkle. What could be better? Think of this as an investment. With all of the holiday festivities you’ve got coming up, you’ll be partying the night away in these festive bottoms all December long!

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See, dressing for your office Christmas party isn’t hard at all. Now that that’s solved, put on some red lipstick and get ready to let your hair down a little. You’ve earned it, Girl Boss! So, whilst we’re on the topic, why not tell us, what’s your favourite event of the party season? 

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